7 Writing Gigs I’d Adore.

In no particular order, and just because I like the number 7:

  1. The “About Me” section for a business with a great story behind it, even if the tale seems too long for the menu, website, etc. (I used to write radio copy, a fabulous teacher in being succinct!)
  2. Wedding vows for a couple that love each other immensely and want personal vows, but just aren’t the vow-writing type.
  3. Helping name menu items for a restaurant, spa, or any other menu-having business.
  4. Your LinkedIn summary, taking into account your objectives as well as areas you’d like to highlight. (Or perhaps shed in a more flattering light…)
  5. The ad that gets you the perfect employee(s) for your business. (Because not everyone can afford an HR department!)
  6. A series of blogs that show website viewers what you’re all about: what you do, why you do it, who’s involved, what you offer, and all of the cool behind-the-scenes things people like to read about. And without any glaring sales pitches, they’ll be ready to support your business.
  7. The Manifesto for an organization. Maybe it’s a non-profit, or maybe it’s a group of pals, but I’d like to listen to the most important aspects of what they do and help articulate it in a powerful way.

Thanks for reading! Check out this page for more information on my writing services. ★

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