Do I really need social media for my business?

Do you want to communicate with your customers? For free?

In short, yes. You need to have social media for your business. Besides the marketing benefits below, it looks a little sketchy not to at this point. (But if you’re prioritizing: website first, always.)

Besides keeping you looking legit, having a presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) is good for business. Here’s how:

  • Find new customers: You want more eyes on your business, right? After all, people can’t love you who’ve never heard of you. Social media makes it easier for them to find you. Advertising rates often start very low, and you can set super specific (kinda creepy specific) search parameters so your ad gets in front of those you want to see it.
  • Communicate to your customers: Social media allows you to reach out to Los Angeles (Or all of California. Or all of the internet.) and communicate what’s going on with your business. Are you having a sale? Did you accomplish something badass? Social media allows you to share the news.
  • Communicate with your customers: Social media makes it easy-peasy for your customers to share feedback, and for you to request it from them. Someone probably won’t bother to come by your business to tell you that the item/service you gave them was spectacular, but they might drop by your page.
  • SEO: Having a presence on social media is great for SEO. Though social signals (likes, retweets, pins, shares, follows, etc.) don’t directly affect it, other aspects do. Your measure of authenticity is helped and click throughs to your website are, of course, helpful. (Sharing original content can lead to lots of those.)
  • Keep up with competitors: What are your competitors up to? Are they having an event at the same time as your event? Keep an eye on ’em easily by scouting their social media pages.
  • Reach out to other businesses: Social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn, is great for B2B. Think of it as a very time-effective medium for networking.

See? Good for business. If you don’t have time (or interest) in taking full advantage of social media, I’d be happy to help. ★

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