About Me

Hello there!

I’m a born and (mostly) raised Alaskan re-planted in wonderfully warm SoCal. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2005 and jumped right into marketing. I have been exploring its various avenues ever since: from corporations to small businesses, from radio to internet, and from sales to creation. A marketing position at a dispensary and a near-death experience have also given me a great passion for the cannabiz.

In 2007 I organized my first large event and got bit by the bug good. I’ve done many events since then, several resulting in public accolades and/or awards. Fundraisers have a particularly soft spot in my heart and I also love to integrate art shows.

I’ve loved writing throughout my education and career, but really started to focus on it professionally in 2013. I’ve been published by Huffington Post, Ravishly, MindBodyGreen, xoJane, Teen Vogue, The Mighty, Lifehack, and Tiny Buddha, among others. I’ve also focused on copywriting, ghostwriting, and SEO-oriented blogs (content writing).

I’ve been an artist since crayons. I’ve been in around 20 art shows spanning the left states, Colorado, and Alaska. I completed my very first paid commission way back in 2003. (A modified “Death” from Family Guy for some dude’s tattoo!) I’m inspired by whatever aspect of life I’m exploring at the time, be it nature or social activism.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or just to say hello!