7 Writing Gigs I’d Adore.

In no particular order, and just because I like the number 7:

  1. The “About Me” section for a business with a great story behind it, even if the tale seems too long for the menu, website, etc. (I used to write radio copy, a fabulous teacher in being succinct!)
  2. Wedding vows for a couple that love each other immensely and want personal vows, but just aren’t the vow-writing type.
  3. Helping name menu items for a restaurant, spa, or any other menu-having business.
  4. Your LinkedIn summary, taking into account your objectives as well as areas you’d like to highlight. (Or perhaps shed in a more flattering light…)
  5. The ad that gets you the perfect employee(s) for your business. (Because not everyone can afford an HR department!)
  6. A series of blogs that show website viewers what you’re all about: what you do, why you do it, who’s involved, what you offer, and all of the cool behind-the-scenes things people like to read about. And without any glaring sales pitches, they’ll be ready to support your business.
  7. The Manifesto for an organization. Maybe it’s a non-profit, or maybe it’s a group of pals, but I’d like to listen to the most important aspects of what they do and help articulate it in a powerful way.

Thanks for reading! Check out this page for more information on my writing services. ★

The Elusive Thoughtful Gift

“What do you want for the holidays?”
“Something thoughtful…Surprise me.”

The elusive thoughtful gift. Something that demonstrates how well you know the receiver, something that will make them feel loved/important/whatever you’re going for. It can seem tricky, but it’s not so bad. Here’s some tips:

  • Get in their shoes. Make sure that you aren’t thinking about what you would like to receive, but what they would like to receive. Do you think it’s ridiculous to have records this day in age, but know that they’re pining for some vinyl? It’s time to face the hipsters and get to a record store.
  • Have they lost anything? Did they mention that they lost their favorite gloves? Swoop in and grab them a new pair. Samesies for that sweater your BFF covered in wine last weekend. A loss is a golden opportunity for thoughtful gift giving.
  • Did you meet anywhere cool? Go to another concert at the venue you met or treat to a meal and drinks at that old haunt. Didn’t meet somewhere cool? Try reliving a favorite memory with a new twist.
  • Do you have any inside jokes/connections? Maybe you both love the book Fahrenheit 451, the movie Dirty Dancing, and vanilla ice cream cones – you could hire me to paint them a painting that incorporates the three!
  • Any life changes happening? If someone’s about to move across the country, getting them things might not be the best idea. Maybe a gift certificate to a restaurant in their new city, or a stupendous playlist for the drive. (With snackage!) If someone’s on a job hunt, perhaps a spiffy new blazer? Think about what’s up with them and what could be of service.

Whatever you go for, don’t forget the card. And don’t forget to write inside the card! More than your name. Are you happy they are in your life? Why? You don’t have to go baring your soul or anything, but how hard is a little, “Thanks for always being there for me, for caring about my life’s whatnots, and for always smushing the spiders?”

You’re going to rock this gift. ★