Cannabis 💚

Ah, cannabis. A plant that’s as complex as our relationship with it. In the world I grew up in, it was known as a gateway more serious drugs and being a lazy dazy junk-food-vanisher. And to the couple generations before me, it was known to be very dangerous; causing “Reefer Madness,” which lead to crime and sleeping with jazz musicians. Oh my.

But before the scare tactics of the 1930’s and the War on Drugs began, cannabis was actually commonly sold in American pharmacies. It was sold in tincture form for medicinal purposes and it was wildly popular – so popular that even small drug stores often produced their own brands. And now we’re coming full-circle, with cannabis being celebrated as a wellness aid, proven to get addicts off of serious drugs. (Which largely turned out to be legal opiates…)

Cruise the other pages in this section for many more scoops (TO COME!) on this complicated herb and how it works with our equally complicated bodies, fun random canna stuff, and to get caught up on the modern world of bud. I hope you enjoy it, highly.