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Though I always welcome freelance work, I am currently seeking a long-term position with a cannabis brand that needs a hand marketing its business. I just wrapped up a position doing marketing for a South Bay dispensary and would now like to partner up with a brand that understands the value in properly presenting their product to their potential customers, who also has the resources to commit to doing it right.

Cannabis has been a profoundly positive influence on my health and life and sharing its benefits with others is a passion of mine. I also live to squash the stigma around using it and love to spread the message that it’s for everyone. (You know, who’s of age.) I believe that the cannabis industry is the most exciting one out there and love being a part of it.

Here’s what I want to do with your cannabis brand:

☆ Tell your story in a way that makes your potential customers feel a personal connection

☆ Share information about cannabis in a way that highlights your products or promotions

☆ Help you identify your marketing objectives and outline steps to achieve them

☆ Ensure that your website communicates everything as effectively as possible and that people can find it with ease

☆ Review and edit your current online presence

☆ Create social media content that grows your business and informs your customers

☆ Create marketing and educational materials that sell your business

And the biggie: anything else we dream up together.
Marketing and branding is unique to each company and has to be a personalized process. This summer I created a 6’ by 4’ temporary mural of a plant grown by the dispensary owners to help celebrate and promote a grand reopening. I’d love to organize an event that promotes a brand and educates people about cannabis while also incorporating community improvement efforts, like a fundraiser. Creative strategies are my specialty.

I’ve been working primarily in marketing since graduating from college 13 years ago. I’ve had the privilege of working in many aspects of the industry and applying them to the cannabis industry has been a pleasure. Please peruse my information below and let me know if you think you may have a position that’s a great match.

Thank you for your time, hope your day’s a goodie!

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