Cannabis marketing, writing, and art are my professional passions.

This versatile herb has been a profoundly positive influence on my life and health; which is why I’m excited to be in the cannabis industry, and so passionate about my contribution to it. I love to use creativity to both spread the word about the power of cannabis and help squash the stigma around it.

Whether you’re an agency or publication looking for freelancers, a product, dispensary, grower – or from the wide world in between, I’d love to help your cannabiz thrive!


  • In addition to writing professionally, both full-time and as a freelancer, I’ve written creative essays for: Huffington Post, Ravishly, Teen Vogue, MindBodyGreen, She Knows, and Tiny Buddha, among others. To read some of them, see the article titles at the bottom of this linked page.
  • My marketing-focused career began after graduating from UNLV in 2005, and has educated me on the inside workings of corporations, small businesses, publications, and media companies.
  • I started doing art commissions shortly after graduation; I’ve since been honored with many more commissions, and featured in shows all over the left coast, Colorado, and Alaska. (What can I say, the canna states love me.)


I adore being a cannabis writer. A few examples: a canna article for HuffPo, a recent piece of content writing, and a series of blogs I wrote for a dispensary.

  • Content Writing: Having a cannabis blog will help your website get found on search pages using a handy tool called SEO. These articles will also bring new and current clients to your website by offering entertainment and information.
  • Communication: Sending an email to your customers? Reaching out to your client base with a newsletter? I’m your gal for a personalized yet professional message that is cohesive, consistent with your branding, and makes sense within the industry.
  • PR: You did something big! Well done, you. I’ll help you tell the world, cannabis and otherwise.
  • Website Copy: Does your front page leave people filled with questions? Copy is crucial to connecting with clients, you can lose a customer to another website quicker than you’d like to know. Presenting information in a helpful and professional manner is key. I’ll help you sort it out and clean ‘er up.
  • Other: I love other. Maybe you need your shop’s story professionally written, an ode to a specific strain, a mission statement for your business, or a jillion other exciting potentials. Please don’t be afraid to reach out with “odd” ideas!

For writing jobs I work on estimates, as the work greatly varies. The estimate is the final and complete price – no surprises. 


Cannabis marketing is unique. It takes someone from within the industry to represent it well, and I’d love to be that person for you.

  • Internet Presence Audit: What are people seeing when they Google you? The internet is now usually your first touch with potential clients, so make sure you’re leaving a good impression. I’ll check it out, correct what I can, and give you a list of issues that might take longer to clear up.*
  • PR: You did something big! Well done, you. I’ll help you tell the world, cannabis and otherwise.*
  • Consulting and Other Services: Social media ads, traditional media ads (have a former salesperson deal with the salespeople), marketing plans, advertising audits, simple design, and other services as needed.*
  • Set You Up and Teach You the Social Media Ways: I’ll work with you to get to know your cannabiz, identify your most effective platforms, set up the accounts/scheduler, then curate and schedule 10 thoughtful and consistent posts. After that, I’ll teach you the whys and hows of social media (for cannabis in particular) so you can keep it up on your own, $300.

* For internet presence audits, PR, and consulting; I work on estimates as the work greatly varies. The estimate is the final and complete price – no surprises.


BarbsCustom art can add an impactful touch to any work space. It displays the spirit behind your business, can add an upscale feel, and it shows that you care about your space; an extension of caring about the quality of your work.

The Process: You’ll tell me what ideas you have in mind, and I’ll ask lots of questions. I’ll prepare an estimate, and if it’s too high we’ll talk about ways to decrease time (money) to make the project work for your budget. After that’s agreed upon, half of the estimate is due as a deposit. Then the fun starts…

  • Illustration: Do you need a custom digital drawing? Let me help you express yourself and the individuality of your business.
  • Painting: Sometimes you just need something to tie the room together, and a custom painting is even better than an oriental rug.
  • More examples of my work can be found here.

Contact me for an estimate, or just to say hello to a fellow cannabis enthusiast!

Artist with cannabis mural.
Me with a canna photo-op I made for a dispensary’s grand opening event.