Cruz-Verde Marketing Manager

I’ve primarily worked in marketing since graduating from college in 2005. I’ve worked in the advertising industry (coordination, creation, sales, management), as well as marketing and PR on the behalf of non-profits, corporations, and for small businesses. My resume is presented in conjunction with this website and the job proposal, but a few clients I’ve worked with are below, as are references. I’ve already taken over our social media, here is a link to our Instagram page. I also created the Green Cross Website.




Mandy Massey, co-worker at Alaska Broadcast: (907) 321-0050
Monica Borrel, marketing client: (503) 329-2394
Jessica Cassity, supervisor at FamilyCare: (917) 543-5734
Clarissa Cooper, social media client: (503) 453-4515

I’d like to create a blog for each website, with some cross-posting. The blogs will serve to educate our clients as well as improving our SEO, which will help people to find us on search engines. Blog topics will be centered around cannabis education and news. They’ll be very informative but written in a friendly and fun tone. (I’ve finished up two for Green Cross.)

Also, here are blog posts from Halcyon Creative, my freelance business. And the following examples will further illustrate my writing style and experience. (I keep my ghostwriting clients private.)

Writing Samples:
I’m a “Spoonie” for MindBodyGreen*
Why People with Chronic Illness Fake Being Healthy for Ravishly**
8 Quotes to Rock at Life from Say Anything for LifeHack
How to Throw a Charity Fundraiser for xoJane

* Written at the peak of my illness.
** My editor was being tongue-in-cheek with #2’s title.


Visual Art
I am also a visual artist, and I’d love to contribute there in any way possible. I paint as well as creating digital illustrations; it’d be a lot of fun to integrate visual branding for each business, like a small onsite mural that’s coordinated with illustrations on the website.

Here are examples of my visual work: