* Services no longer offered, but feel free to use as a to-do list! Important areas to focus on. Get it, get it.



You’ve got an amazing idea. How’s everyone going to find out?

I’ve been in marketing for over a decade. I’ve worked in the advertising industry (coordination, creation, sales, management), as well as marketing and PR on the behalf of corporations, non-profits, and for small businesses.

Now I’m sticking to those last two, my faves: Helping small businesses and non-profits with their very specific marketing needs, and in ways that are actually budget-practical.


  • Marketing Writing: SEO articles/writing content marketing, copywriting (including blogs), press releases, content curation, other services as needed. Writing rates vary, please contact me with details and I’ll get you an estimate ASAP.
  • Internet Presence Audit: What are people seeing when they Google you? The internet is now your first client touch, make sure you’re leaving a good impression. I’ll check it out, correct what I can, and give you a list of issues that might take longer to clear up, based on estimate and starting at $50.
  • Images: What do customers see when they walk into your business? I can help you make a memorable impression with a custom painting to represent your business. I also offer illustrations and simple design.
  • Consulting Services: Traditional media ads (have a former salesperson deal with the salespeople), marketing plans, advertising audits, and website audits. For consulting, I work on estimates as the work greatly varies. The estimate is the final and complete price – no surprises.
  • Social Media – Set You Up and Teach You to Fish: I’ll work with you to get to know your business, identify your most effective platforms, set up the accounts/scheduler, and curate and schedule 10 thoughtful and consistent posts. Then I’ll teach the why and how so you can keep ‘er up on your own, $300.
  • Other: Sometimes there’s just not a category. Please feel free to contact me with other marketing ideas and needs.
  • Coming Soon, Small Business Community: This will take awhile to build, but I look forward to inviting all clients to a private Facebook group where they can advise one another and lend/get helping hands. I’ll also have networking events that are actually fun!

I seek clients who are passionate about their business or organization and want the world to know about it. (Or maybe just “their” people.) I like applying the characteristics of the people who own/manage a business into the branding.

In a city like Los Angeles, where creativity is revered and uniqueness is celebrated – we have the freedom to really let a business’s personality shine. Let’s have some fun with it…

Also, I understand that sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly you need help with! I get it. I’m happy to help identify your needs, objectives, and the actionable steps we can take to get there: contact me to get a conversation going