I’m an experienced writer who specializes in wellness, health, the endocannabinoid system + cannabis, neurodiversity, and autism—I’m autistic myself, which provides lived experience for the latter topics (#NothingAboutUsWithoutUs), and helps me excel at zooming in on a topic and breaking down the parts, something that’s very helpful in content writing. These areas are my Special Interests, topics my brain loves to hyperfocus on and endlessly analyze, I’d love to use this “superpower” to your benefit.

Of course, I can and have written about all kinds of other topics and industries—retail shelving, dentistry, landscaping, all kinds of stuff—I also have about a decade of experience in marketing, which helps when writing persuasive copy. While I’m happy to create outlines for approval before digging in, breaking down what the writing will cover, as well as communicating with you about tone, objectives, keywords, etc.—I work best with self-direction.

I’d love to create shape and vision from your needs (which might simply be “create articles to improve SEO,” or more specified “provide a 20-page ebook on medical cannabis”) rather than carry out ideas that’ve been carefully preplanned by others, which tend to require micromanagement and daily communication. I want to take this off your hands so you may attend to your business.

Additionally, if you don’t quite know what your writing needs are, but know you need help explaining your business to the world, I can help you to define your copy needs with a consult. Rates start at $.20/wd for topics that are newer to me, and higher for areas of expertise—please inquire for more information.

Feel free to check out my Content Writing Portfolio and my articles around the web!