Ah, words, how I love thee. Let me count the ways–

Copywriting: Do people say your website is hard to understand? Do you need blurbs or descriptions written? How about an email newsletter to your customers? Press releases, profiles, bios, speeches, and brochures are a few more examples – but whatever you need.

SEO articles: Search Engine Optimization is what helps your website rank higher on Google, and adding a blog to your website is one way to improve yours. I can write the whole thing, or I can optimize already written posts. Ghostwriting is A-OK with me.

Creative/Random/Fun: Are you writing your vows, but not great at turning feelings into words? Perhaps you’re starting a ridiculous club that needs a ridiculous manifesto. Maybe you tell a favorite story that you’d like to have as an actual story? Do tell.

Writing has been integrated throughout my career and education and has been crucial to each. I’ve also worked as a full-time copywriter and also do freelance writing (see image below).

For writing jobs I work based off estimates, charging $60/hr. The estimate is the final and complete price, no surprises. A lot can get done in an hour or two!

Let me know what you’re in need of and I’ll get you an estimate stat. ★