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Welcome to the ever-evolving Halcyon Creative. I am a writer who focuses on topics like wellness, personal development, and societal change. I spent the last couple years in the wellness department, exploring the science of cannabis at Leafly; my writing has also been featured in the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Ravishly, among others.

The everythingness of 2020 also brought an extremely-clarifying Autism diagnosis, so I’m now completely obsessed with Autism and Neurodiversity—I love knowing that these obsessive ways are totally normal and healthy in Autistic people, they are called special interests, or SpIns. (#LearnSomethingNewEveryDay)

Catch my writing on the subject here.

I’m also working on rewrites of my own direction for my dearest bookbaby, How I Lost All My F-cks, which shares why we all need to shed our facades via my “f-ckfull to f-ckless” tale; then challenges the reader to a 30-day meditation challenge, and 20 F-ckless Adventures to be accomplished in the same month. (We’re gonna take the world by storm, just watch and wait!)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your day’s a goodie. ★

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