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Hello there,
Welcome to the ever-evolving Halcyon Creative – website for stuff made by me, Meg Hartley. I am now primarily focused on writing for publications, cannabis writing to be specific. I love love love it.

I’m deep into rewrites of my own direction for my dearest bookbaby, How I Lost All My F-cks, which shares my philosophy on why we all need to shed our bullshit facades via my “fuckfull to fuckless” tale; then challenges the reader to a 30-day meditation challenge, and 20 Fuckless Adventures to be accomplished in the same month. (We’re gonna take the world by storm, just watch and wait!)

I’m also trying to make the mainstream publish writing about “woo-woo” topics, like spirituality, divination, energy healing, and all the other stuff I’m bonkers about. Even though I bet tarot is at American freakin’ Outfitters by now, editors still don’t think people will bite. (You’d bite, wouldn’t you?) But I’ll convince them. Please send juju for success on my mission!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your day’s a goodie. ★


hal·cy·onˈ(hal-see-on) ★


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