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Welcome to the ever-evolving Halcyon Creative. I am a writer who focuses on topics like wellness, personal development, and societal change. I spent the last couple years in the wellness department, exploring the science of cannabis at Leafly; my writing has also been featured in the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Ravishly, among others.

I’m also about done with rewrites of my own direction for my dearest bookbaby, How I Lost All My F-cks, which shares why we all need to shed our facades via my “f-ckfull to f-ckless” tale; then challenges the reader to a 30-day meditation challenge, and 20 F-ckless Adventures to be accomplished in the same month. (We’re gonna take the world by storm, just watch and wait!)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your day’s a goodie. ★


hal·cy·onˈ(hal-see-on) ★


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