An art commission is when a client comes to an artist with an idea in mind and hires them to create a custom art piece. I am one of those such artists. My favorite art commissions are the ones where I get to blend the person (or people) into the painting, and I don’t mean their faces, I mean who they are. Their favorite colors, untitled47_20190105112047cropped gift heartplaces, movies, books, or inside jokes – maybe a few of these blended together!

I want to make something that’s just for you. (Or your family. Or your birthday-having friend. Or some other folks who are getting married. The master of all thoughtful gifts.) Something that’s truly just for you/them specifically.

Something sure to incite a “That’s so YOU.” (Also works for businesses!)

I have my bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and have been in around 20 shows spanning the left states, Colorado, and Alaska. I have been working professionally as an artist for nearly 15 years, with very happy clients.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, even if you just have a very vague idea of what you want – I’m happy to chat about it!  

How it works: You’ll tell me what you have in mind, and I’ll ask lots of questions. I’ll prepare an estimate, and if it’s too high we’ll talk about ways to decrease time (money) to make the project work for your budget. (A small painting starts at $200, and digital illustrations start at just $50!) After that’s agreed upon, half of the estimate is due as a deposit. Then the fun starts!

Be sure to contact me sooner than later if you’ve got a due date!